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Hi there!

Thank you for visiting my page! I'm Jessica Spatz, the owner of Birth Guidance. My family consists of my husband and my 3 beautiful children. I grew up in the St. Louis Metro area for the majority of my life. My passion for birth work runs deep through my own personal birth experiences. My first child was a medicated hospital birth. Even though I had taken a childbirth education class, I felt extremely under prepared. I was shocked by all the things I came across in my labor that were never discussed in my class. Unfortunately, I discovered there are a lot of poor-quality classes out there and I experienced a lot of birth trauma that I wouldn't wish on anyone. It is true that birth is unpredictable but I wish I knew what I know now!


My second & third births were in a birthing center with a midwife. That time around I took a great quality childbirth preparation class and boy did it make a difference! Those 2 births were such a healing experience. After realizing that participation in a great quality childbirth class has a positive impact on childbirth outcomes and experiences, I wanted to be of service by providing our community with quality childbirth education classes that gave expecting couples the power to confidently trust in the normal process of natural childbirth. 


I started my certifying journey through Birth Arts International to become a Childbirth Educator in 2019 and recieved my certification in 2022. I want to inspire other women to believe in their ability to give birth. I believe birth is a physiologic natural event that is biologically integrated into our chemical makeup. It is instinctual and primal. Instead of telling my students what they should do, my goal is to guide them to see how it all fits together. I want my students to make their own informed decisions around the birth they envision. I wanted to create a judgement free space that allowed room for you to have a voice. This is how "Birth Guidance" came to be.


This isn't work for me, it's a passion. I am your biggest fan. I genuinely want you to experience birth the way it should be and the way YOU want it to be. You are the boss. I am the guide. I want women to walk away from my class feeling inspired, educated, confident and excited about giving birth!


Lived Experience


  • 5 straight years of either breastfeeding, pregnancy or both

  • Naturally minded

  • 6+ years of car seat usage & safety

  • Baby led weaning experience

  • 5+ years of baby wearing experience


  • 3 years of experience

  • 2 years of pumping at work experience

  • Breastfeeding while pregnant experience

Birth Experiences


  • Postpartum recovery

  • Postpartum depression

  • Birth trauma


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