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Childbirth & Beyond 4 Week Series

$275.00 (12 hours of education)

Comprehensive in depth course that covers pregnancy, labor, birth, postpartum care, breastfeeding and newborn care



Let me be your guide. I believe in your ability to give birth. You might not yet, but that's OK! My classes are designed to best prepare you for your new bundle of joy every step of the way. While designed for families pursuing low intervention birth, we spend time covering a range of childbirth options and methods. This is a judgement free zone that is a safe space to let your voice, fears and thoughts be heard. I incorporate hands on activities and demonstrations to help you retain the information. My classes are an experience that offers much more than hospital classes. Each week builds upon the previous. We will meet one day per week for 3 hours for 4 weeks. This class series will be a total of 12 hours of education. In this class series you will learn:​

  • How to prepare your mind, body and environment during pregnancy

  • What informed consent means

  • How to advocate for yourself

  • Overcoming fear

  • The normal, natural process of labor and birth, and health-care practices that support it

  • Changes during late pregnancy and the stages of labor

  • Recognizing the beginning of labor

  • A wide variety of coping strategies for managing pain in labor

  • The importance of labor support

  • Movement and positioning during labor and birth

  • Medical interventions and their indications, risks and alternatives

  • Developing a birth plan

  • Breastfeeding

  • Newborn care and more!

You will end this course with confidence, inspiration and excitement!

This class series also includes access to the online student portal that is filled with additional educational materials.

*Mercy Birthing Center patients: This class is an approved class that meets the childbirth education requirements.

Payment plan options available upon request.


Private 3 Hour Class

$165.00 (3 hours of education)

This is a great class for couples with a busy schedule or couples who want a class on a specific topic. This class is a 3 hour private lesson at Glasswing Massage in Wentzville, MO or in the comfort of your home on any of the following:

Natural Childbirth Crash Course
This class focuses exclusively on unmedicated childbirth. If only one 3 hour class is taken, we will spend the majority of the time working on labor coping skills and relaxation techniques with partner support. If you are planning your first unmedicated birth, it is recommended to take at least 9 hours of classes (Three separate 3 hours classes) but it is not required.

Pregnancy Preparations for Childbirth
This class will exclusively focus on things you can do now to best prepare yourself for childbirth. We will cover posture during pregnancy that best supports optimal fetal position, exercises you can do to best prepare your body and how to prepare your environment to enhance your postpartum experience. 

Childbirth Anatomy & Hormones Overview
This class exclusively covers anatomy and how the body and baby prepare for labor and childbirth. We will discuss the mechanisms of labor (how your baby navigates through the pelvis) and the roles of our body parts that allow for the childbirth process. We will also cover the hormones that are changing in pregnancy as well as labor hormone changes. Knowledge is power!

Interventions Risks, Benefits & Alternatives
*Prerequisite recommendation: Childbirth Anatomy & Hormones Overview

This class focuses on what interventions you may face during pregnancy and labor. We will go over what they are, what benefits they have, risks and alternatives. It is recommended to take the Childbirth Anatomy & Hormones Overview class prior to taking this class but is not required. Having an understanding of anatomy is extremely helpful as we will be jumping right into interventions. If you are planning a hospital birth, this is especially recommended so that you fully understand your options because if you don't know what your options are you don't have any!

Partner Support
This class is specifically focused on your birth partner and how they can best assist you. Your birth partner can be your significant other, mother, sister, grandparent etc. (whoever you will have by your side during labor). We will go over the stages and phases of labor and how your birth partner can support you through each part.

Breastfeeding Basics
This class covers everything about breastfeeding. We will first discuss how the body produces breast milk, the benefits and breast anatomy. We will also practice different breastfeeding positions with newborn doll models and how to obtain a proper latch. Your support person is encouraged to attend as we will also cover how they can support your desire to breastfeed and what they can expect. This does NOT cover breast pumping.

Breast Pumping Basics
*Prerequisite recommendation: Breastfeeding Basics

This class covers everything about your breast pump. It is recommended to have the pump you plan to use available during class time (check with your health insurance for coverage). If you do not have a pump, we will be using a Spectra pump for demonstrations. It is recommended to have already taken the breastfeeding class (but not required) as we will not be discussing much on anatomy or breastmilk production. This class is highly recommended if you plan to pump due to returning to work within the first year of your baby's life.

Newborn Care
This class is only on newborn care. This will focus on what to expect with newborns, diaparing, bathing, bottle feeding and tapping into your primal parenting instincts. This class is especially recommended for parents that have little to no experience with newborns or babies. Any experience level is ok!

Postpartum Basics
This class focuses on YOUR postpartum experience. We will cover how to best heal your body and mind, nutrition, postpartum mood disorders and what to expect.

Natural Childbirth Refresher
This class is for parents who have had a previous unmedicated birth. A review of labor support techniques, breastfeeding, discharge and postpartum expectations are included.

*Mercy Birthing Center approved class for refresher requirement.

Siblings Class
Designed for children 2 through 7 years. This class helps children prepare to become big brothers and sisters. We will discuss what they can expect and help them better understand the changes that will be happening at home. 

Pet Meets Baby Preparation Class
This class is taken PRIOR to the birth of your baby. This class focuses on how you can prepare for your pet to meet your newborn. We will discuss things you can do to prepare now and how to maintain the safety of your pet and your baby. Pets are encouraged to be present during class time but we will be focusing on things YOU can do to make the transition as smooth and safe as possible. 

Disclaimer: I am not a pet trainer but can offer local recommendations if interested.

If you are choosing to have the private class in your home, it must be within 25 miles of my group class location:

205 E. Allen st. Wentzville, MO 63385

If your home is outside of my service area and you would still prefer the class to take place in your home instead of Glasswing Massage, you can reach out to me at or call/text 636-362-4441 to see what the additional fee would be for travel PRIOR TO BOOKING.

Private classes DO NOT include the Ultimate Birth Guide workbook. It is available as an add-on during registration and checkout for an additional $40.

An additional questionnaire will be sent to you to further specify your needs after you have registered for a class.

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